I’m depressed?

My 8 year old was recently assessed for ADHD, and like a lot of parents apparently, it got me wondering if I also have it.

Anyone who knows me can attest to my having all the telltale signs:

  • talks too much
  • never completes a project
  • forgets about appointments and tasks

Alas my doctor did not agree, but an hour of tears and talking down to later, she did send me on my way with a prescription for some anti-depressants and a referral to a psychologist. Jeepers!

I started the meds on Saturday, with the strict instruction to not be alone, or drive, since they could cause dizziness. So at about 5pm, I found myself driving back from the store, alone, and realized I wasn’t supposed to be. Oops.

The other downside is that they cause sleeplessness, which I already had a problem with. So now I have a massive burst of energy around 9pm, that keeps me up past midnight.

Hopefully I’ll settle into them in a few days, at least enough to appear sane when I visit the therapist…in the meantime I am feeling a little better, and I’m getting a little more done around the house. Now if I could just get about 2,000 more sq ft to organize all my clutter into.


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