My kid is gifted?


So we saw the clinical pyschologist on Kiki’s birthday, where we got the good news that she doesn’t have ADHD, and the other news. She apparently tests in the 99th percentile NATIONALLY in terms of academic potential. But of course, it can’t be that simple. Her gift comes with a price tag, and in her case it is that she has trouble processing information. Now in my mind, that is a little insane, because how can you absorb all the information needed to test so high, when you have trouble absorbing information?

Cue lots more expensive doctors, lots of school meetings, and once again, I’m setting myself up for heartbreak with a Chicago public schools gifted school application. When she wasn’t offered a place anywhere last year, I was so upset. Now that I know she has the potential for sure, it will be a double blow if she doesn’t get a place this year. Private school just isn’t really on the cards for us, and there’s no way I can homeschool her. It baffles me that there are so few resources for parents with truly gifted children in Illinois.

And of course, I’m beating myself up about not having her tested earlier, even though I’ve always suspected it but never let myself believe it, and wondering if she’s going to struggle in gifted classes because we’ve neglected to expose her to the same environment the other kids have already been in for 2-3+ years.

I’m also feeling a little sad for my poor child. While she obviously has a great future ahead of her academically, I can’t keep the nagging worry of how she may never have a normal school life, perhaps never make any true, close friends, all because she is different out of my mind. We’ve been advised to take her for social coaching, which hopefully will help, but I have to accept the real chance that she won’t have that great school life I always dreamed of for her.

Kyle needs to be a jock more than ever now.


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