I made cake pops!


Kiki wanted to make cake pops for Valentines Day, so I said I’d help her – and then I found out how much work they are! Bake a cake. Let it cool. Break it up and mix with frosting. Roll into balls. Freeze. Put a stick in. Freeze. Cover with melted chocolate. Freeze. Oh and you have to probably make them look pretty too. No thanks!

Now I’m not a fan of any gadget you see advertised on tv, but those cake pop makers have some great reviews online, so I figured I’d give one a go. $20 later, I am now the proud owner of one such machine.

Actually it’s pretty good, it took me a minute to figure out how much batter to use, but the recipe makes like 48, so I could spare a few early mistakes. I bought some of the melting candy and added some leftover snow sprinkles from Christmas, et voilá!

Quite proud of my first attempt. More will be coming for sure!


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