My kid isn’t as gifted as I was led to believe…

Kiki’s report finally came in. While she scores in the 99th percentile in overall ability, she scores shockingly low in some areas, particularly those related to processing speed. I was surprised to find that 99th percentile does not qualify you for a lot of gifted programs, at least not those set up for truly gifted children. So now it’s conference time again with the school to figure out what to do.

It occurs to me that a lot of my issue with the whole gifted thing comes from how much others overuse it as a description for children with advanced abilities in a certain area. Perhaps we need a new name for these kids that are wired to be able to achieve great things, but also wired to struggle with a lot of what we deem ‘normal’ childhood issues. Because I do think that being able to run faster than anyone else in the state is a gift, as is being able to do a triple twist somersault on a balance beam, or play a musical instrument with outstanding precision and emotion. Those kids are gifted too, but it rarely comes with the curse that gifted intelligence comes with.

But what do I know – I’m new to a lot of this game, and I have a feeling there are a lot of innings to go.


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