Ditching my iPhone has been an epiphany

A couple of months ago my husband got an iPhone from work, and since we only had a few months left on our contract, we decided to cancel our iPhones and I got a cheap phone from Virgin Mobile. I was so nervous that I would be lost without it, but it’s actually been quite a revelation.

Apart from saving $130 a month in fees. I’ve actually realized that I relied on my phone to distract me way too much. Losing my unlimited data plan means I can’t check Facebook or Twitter every five minutes, or check things online as they pop into my head. Because I don’t have 26,000 apps on my phone I can’t just pass a few minutes with a game or browsing for shoes.

I actually have to interact with others now, and more specifically, my kids. I actually feel kind of bad that I spent so much time messing around with my phone in restaurants and stores etc, instead of talking to or playing with them.

Of course I’ve already gotten lost without my handy map to rely on! And I can’t listen to my favorite radio station online anymore in the car. But I’ll live.

Those of you who know me well know that it’s quite amazing to think that I don’t miss my iPhone. At all.

Disclosure: We do have a wifi iPad so I can still play Draw Something and Connectrode!


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