I started the process of early intervention today

Kyle recently went for his 2 year checkup, and because he still isn’t talking the pediatrician recommended that we apply for ‘early intervention’, which is a state run program that provides low cost speech and other therapies to children who are developmentally delayed.

Until today I had been fairly sure that he was just taking his time to start speaking, but after meeting with our co-ordinator for the first time today, I’m thinking that maybe there is more to it. For example, Kyle will only eat boldly flavored foods, he even eats the salsa at Chilis that I can even eat because it’s too spicy! But apparently that is an indicator of possible low muscle tone, meaning that he can’t really taste blander foods so he goes for the bolder flavors so he can taste it. And he will often stuff his mouth, especially at the end of his meal, possibly indicating that he can’t feel that his mouth is full.

It’s going to be a few weeks before we start getting any answers, but I’m actually glad we decided to do this. I’m hopeful that my little monster will be yapping just as much as his sister does very soon!


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