I’m a cake decorator!

Well ok, I’ve been an amateur baker for over 20 years, but I’ve never really been that great at decorating past a simple cupcake swirl, or just plain frosting. I’ve wanted to take the Wilton classes ever since I first heard about them, and as my local craft store was having a special on the basics class, I decided to go for it.

Now about the Wilton classes themselves – the class was $10 for 4 2-hour evening classes, but then there was a $35 student kit, and a long list of additional items that came each week. Even though I managed to buy almost everything with 50% off coupons, I’ve probably spent $100 in total on this. I was not prepared for how expensive it’s been, but it’s been worth it overall.

Week 1 was the real basics class. We leant about different consistencies and their appropriate uses, how to fit and fill piping bags and then how to pipe stars. I made these cookies, after a couple I kind of ran out of inspiration!


Week 2 was time for our first real cake. I went old school and did a plain vanilla cake with a buttercream and raspberry jam filling. In class, we used the Wilton giant frosting tip which will basically cover an entire cake in like a minute, it’s amazing! After learning a few more piping techniques we went to work on our designs. I picked this cupcake design, which came out fairly well I think.



Week 3 was more of a technique class. We started off by learning some more piping techniques (check out how cute these flowers are!)


The class ended with us decorating some cupcakes we had to bring in. By this point my frosting was melting as it was actually quite warm outside, and I’d been messing with it for an hour or so. But I think they came out pretty well.


This week is the final week, we’ll be learning some more techniques then finishing off by decorating one last cake. So stay tuned for the big reveal!


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