Citibank is harassing me


This photo is of all the credit card applications Citibank has sent me just in the last 3 months. There are 32 of them. Now you might not think this is out of the ordinary, and perhaps it’s even a compliment to how good of a credit risk I am.

Except that I already am a Citibank customer. Or rather, I was. Until 2009, when Citibank decided they were no longer interested in my business, or that of several thousands of others. We did nothing wrong, other than carry balances and pay our bills in a responsible manner, and on time. My interest rate was raised by over 450% overnight. Again, I did nothing wrong at all. Nothing.

So it’s interesting that Citibank is now so desperate to get my business back, that they are literally harassing me with all these letters and offers. This doesn’t include the ones we get by email from our various airline and hotel mile accounts.

My favorite is the one that says ‘no surprises’ on the front. Ha. Raising my interest rate by 450% wasn’t a surprise?

I’m planning to send these, along with a stern letter, back to Citibank in the hope that they will finally get the message, and leave me alone.


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