I’m trying to lose weight

Well it’s January, isn’t that what we’re all supposed to be doing?!

Seriously though, after having my annual physical last month my doctor advised me that my weight, and cholesterol level were too high. Initially she suggested that I simply cut out carbs, but that wasn’t doing too much so my husband and I decided to try Alli.

Ordinarily I would never dream of taking a diet pill, but at least since this one has been approved by the FDA, I feel a bit better about it. The main aim of the pill seems to be to get you to reduce your fat intake,
because ingesting too much fat in one meal leads to, erm – ‘treatment effects’ as Alli lovingly refers to them. I’d say we’ve been doing pretty well so far, except for the dull headache I’ve had every day since I started taking it. Everyone’s favorite doctor, the internet, says it should go away in a couple more days so we’ll see.

So watch this space to see how I get on. In other news, I’ve been stepping up the cake making, and recently finished my second Wilton course which I am really proud of. Now I just need to figure out how to take it further.


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