I’ve moved!

It was all very sudden, and somehow all the stars seemed to align as they needed to.

About 6 weeks ago John was forwarded an email about a job in Houston, and applied for it just out of curiosity. At the same time, we decided we were finally going to pull the plug and move house, so that we could get both kids into a school district that would meet their needs.

It all went from there, while we were waiting to hear about the job, a friend made us a cash offer on our house, and as we started proceedings on the sale, the job offer came too.

So last Thursday, my house was packed up into containers and my cars were put on transporters, on Friday we closed the sale of our IL house, and on Saturday we flew out to Houston. The whole thing has been kind of crazy, but exciting.

I feel like this will be another really great move for our family, being able to spend so much more time outside will surely be better, and being able to afford a nice home with good schools will be really nice. Houston is also a nice sized city – lots to do, while not being so big that you can’t do anything without some major planning.

Also, Houston has some really well designed roads. I love driving here. They have these little u-turn lanes under every section of the highway, and the turn signals change in a different order, and its all really handy.

Here’s to Texas, steak, cowboy boots and big hair.


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