Building a house is stressful.

We’re in the countdown to breaking ground on our house (pre-construction meeting next week), and let’s just say shit is getting real.

I had no clue how stressful the design process would be. I did my research, I had my general outline of what I wanted in my head and I set my budget limit. And then you get to the design center and there are decisions, and fees, you never dreamed of. Like where do you want the light switch for your holiday lights to be? And it’s at least $650 to not have a top mounted sink.

We were there for 7 hours altogether, during which time I did a complete 180 on the biggest expense, the kitchen. It was a tough call between doing a stylish but boring traditional kitchen that would appeal to the masses, and doing the modern, sleek kitchen I wanted but doesn’t necessarily have all the usual things like granite. Ultimately I want to stay in this house for a long time, so I decided to go with what I want. And as time has gone by I’m hearing more and more that people don’t always want the usual builder kitchen anymore anyway.

I picked a white silestone counter, to go with espresso cabinets, and the most amazing calacatta marble subway tile backsplash that we’re having installed in this awesome herringbone pattern. We also found an amazing Kohler apron front stainless steel sink that is going to just bring everything together perfectly.

This is the inspiration for the kitchen, and I can’t wait until November so I can actually live in it.


I guess I’ll have more posts to come on the progress of the house in the coming months. Stay tuned!


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