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I made my first big cake

My friend Tiffany was having an UNO themed birthday party for her son, who turned 1 last week, and I offered to make the cake. It was definitely the biggest cake I’ve ever made! It’s 3 tiers, vanilla, chocolate and lemon, all covered and filled with buttercream and then finished with fondant. Here’s the cake … Continue reading

I’m a baker!

Most people who know me know I love to bake, but recently I’ve stepped up my game a little with classes, and a few new tools, and I think I actually really might have a future in it. Real estate is still something I’m considering once Kyle is really in school, but in the meantime … Continue reading

I made this super cute cake!

I have seen several cakes that were decorated like this online recently, and decided to give it a go! I actually found a tutorial on a Swedish website, but its all in pictures, no Rosetta Stone needed. Enjoy!

I’m a cake decorator!

I’m a cake decorator!

Well ok, I’ve been an amateur baker for over 20 years, but I’ve never really been that great at decorating past a simple cupcake swirl, or just plain frosting. I’ve wanted to take the Wilton classes ever since I first heard about them, and as my local craft store was having a special on the … Continue reading

I’m a domestic diva?!

Lately I’ve rediscovered my love of baking, and added ice-cream making to the mix. I was inspired by the Georgetown Cupcakes book to make these lemon swirl cupcakes, which I put my own spin on with a little lemon curd swirl on top. This week it’s been ice-cream, inspired by a book I picked up … Continue reading

I made cake pops!

Kiki wanted to make cake pops for Valentines Day, so I said I’d help her – and then I found out how much work they are! Bake a cake. Let it cool. Break it up and mix with frosting. Roll into balls. Freeze. Put a stick in. Freeze. Cover with melted chocolate. Freeze. Oh and … Continue reading