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I don’t know it all.

Tonight I was reading a post on a favorite education site about preschool, and some of the comments that followed the article just blew me away. “Why have kids if you’re going to have them in preschool/daycare from 7.30am to 5.30om?” “Parents can educate their kids themselves if they just make the effort” “Gifted is … Continue reading

My son is talking!

It’s happening. It’s really happening. It started a few weeks ago, when Kyle suddenly said ‘wanna eat’ and pointed to Trader Joes (we often pick up a salad there for lunch while out doing errands). Then came Mommy, Daddy, Kiki and Kyle. Now he’s all ‘wanna cookie’, ‘wanna bubbles’, ‘bye bye Kiki’ and please, thank … Continue reading

I’m scared I might jinx myself

But I’m going to share anyway – Kyle has had such an awesome week, he’s been consistently saying mommy, daddy and Kiki for 3 days now, and today he added in Kyle! Even more amazing, was when we were playing in the park after preschool, and a couple of his classmates were there and he … Continue reading

It’s been an interesting few months

Since my last post it’s been kind of busy. Kyle has been doing great with all his therapies, he’s started preschool, and is coming out with new words all the time. It’s also been a tough time. Earlier this month, we took him to a developmental pediatrician, who has diagnosed him as having an autism … Continue reading

Summer is almost over

There’s something about coming back from vacation to find it 10 degrees cooler than when you left, that really makes it feel like summer is done. Since we came back from Florida we’ve only been to the pool once, it’s been too cold to go any other time. We’ve finally done all our back to … Continue reading

I started the process of early intervention today

Kyle recently went for his 2 year checkup, and because he still isn’t talking the pediatrician recommended that we apply for ‘early intervention’, which is a state run program that provides low cost speech and other therapies to children who are developmentally delayed. Until today I had been fairly sure that he was just taking … Continue reading

I made a good decision – finally!

It’s been about a month since Kiki started taking the ADD meds, and so far she’s been doing great. In fact, I’ve never seen her so happy. The biggest turnaround has been in her ability to self-start. She has always struggled when left to come up with her own project, whether it’s a story, or … Continue reading

I have news. Good and bad.

The good news is that we’re making some progress with Kiki. We’re meeting her doctor next week to discuss ADD meds, and while I’m not thrilled about having her on medication, I’m excited for what it could mean for her if they help. Sadly it’s all coming too late for the 2012-13 school year. I … Continue reading