I made this super cute cake!

I have seen several cakes that were decorated like this online recently, and decided to give it a go! I actually found a tutorial on a Swedish website, but its all in pictures, no Rosetta Stone needed. Enjoy! Advertisements

I’m scared I might jinx myself

But I’m going to share anyway – Kyle has had such an awesome week, he’s been consistently saying mommy, daddy and Kiki for 3 days now, and today he added in Kyle! Even more amazing, was when we were playing in the park after preschool, and a couple of his classmates were there and he … Continue reading

Citibank is harassing me

This photo is of all the credit card applications Citibank has sent me just in the last 3 months. There are 32 of them. Now you might not think this is out of the ordinary, and perhaps it’s even a compliment to how good of a credit risk I am. Except that I already am … Continue reading

I’m a cake decorator!

I’m a cake decorator!

Well ok, I’ve been an amateur baker for over 20 years, but I’ve never really been that great at decorating past a simple cupcake swirl, or just plain frosting. I’ve wanted to take the Wilton classes ever since I first heard about them, and as my local craft store was having a special on the … Continue reading

It’s been an interesting few months

Since my last post it’s been kind of busy. Kyle has been doing great with all his therapies, he’s started preschool, and is coming out with new words all the time. It’s also been a tough time. Earlier this month, we took him to a developmental pediatrician, who has diagnosed him as having an autism … Continue reading

Summer is almost over

There’s something about coming back from vacation to find it 10 degrees cooler than when you left, that really makes it feel like summer is done. Since we came back from Florida we’ve only been to the pool once, it’s been too cold to go any other time. We’ve finally done all our back to … Continue reading

I’m ditching the cow

  While we wait for Kyle’s therapy to begin for his speech issues, I’m trying anything and everything that may possibly help. One of the therapists suggested we have him tested for celiac’s disease, since he has suffered with severe constipation since birth, which got me thinking and a little research later, I’m hoping that … Continue reading

I started the process of early intervention today

Kyle recently went for his 2 year checkup, and because he still isn’t talking the pediatrician recommended that we apply for ‘early intervention’, which is a state run program that provides low cost speech and other therapies to children who are developmentally delayed. Until today I had been fairly sure that he was just taking … Continue reading